DJ Mixing

DJ Mixing

The foundation to being a good DJ is your ability to mix, blend and program songs cleanly alongside creatively.  The Beat Refinery DJ Mixing Program is this foundation, designed to progress students from the entry level, to the fundamentals, and finally to advanced mixing skills.  After completing all the levels of the DJ Mixing Program, you will be well on your way to whatever kind of DJ career or artistic path you desire. No matter what level you’re at (beginner to advanced) students are billed on a monthly plan. On your first day of class, your instructor will evaluate your current skill level and determine which level it falls under in our DJ Mixing curriculum and work with you from there. Work side by side with your instructor and complete each level at your own pace.  The time to complete this course is based on your own progress, along with your instructor advancing you through each level.  Upon completion of DJ Mixing Levels 1-4 and the Professional Course, you will receive the Beat Refinery DJ Mixing Certificate. After earning the DJ Mixing Certificate, you are well on your way to completing the Professional DJ Certificate.

Private 1-on-1 Lessons

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Level 1: Intro to DJing

Prerequisites: No previous DJ experience necessary.
Students will learn:

  • Brief overview of the history, culture, and the art of the DJ as well as possible careers in the DJ business
  • Basic Functions of the DJ Equipment (Turntables, Mixer, Needles, Slipmats, Vinyl Records, Speakers, Etc.)
  • Introduction to Serato Scratch Live, the Industry Standard DJ Vinyl Emulation Software
  • Hand/Eye/Ear Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Music Theory for the DJ
  • Introduction to Mixing on 2 Turntables
  • Introduction to Scratching (Baby Scratch)

Level 2: Basic Mixing

Prerequisites: Level 1: Intro to DJing
Students will learn:

  • Basic Beat Matching
  • Basic Scratching
  • Basic Music Theory for the DJ
  • Song Structure
  • Serato Scratch
  • Live Fundamentals using Absolute Mode
  • Basic Mix Set Programming

Level 3: Intermediate Mixing

Prerequisites: Level 2: Basic Mixing
Students will learn:

  • Intermediate Beat Matching
  • Intermediate Scratching
  • Intermediate Music Theory for the DJ
  • Intermediate Mix Set Programming
  • Proper phrasing & mix points
  • Serato Scratch Live Fundamentals using Relative Mode
  • How to use cue points in Serato
  • How to use loops in Serato
  • Trick mixing: looping, doubling
  • Scratches: stab, transform, chirp

Level 4: Advanced Mixing

Prerequisites: Level 3: Intermediate Mixing
Students will learn:

  • Advanced Beat Matching
  • Advanced Music Theory for the DJ
  • Advanced Serato Scratch Live Techniques using Relative Mode
  • Advanced Mix Set Programming
  • More proper phrasing & mix points
  • More effective uses of loops in mixing
  • Creating a live mash-up/blend
  • Effective uses of effects in mixing & scratching
  • Double time & half time mixing
  • Effective uses of temporary cue points in mixing & scratching
  • Music organization

The Professional Course

Prerequisites: Level 4: Advanced Mixing
Students will learn:

  • Creating a brand
  • Effective uses of social media and online resources
  • Professionalism and social networking skills
  • Nightclub DJ vs. Mobile DJs
  • How to create a proper demo CD
  • Effective mixing transitions using loops, scratches, effects
  • Effective uses of trick mixing & drop mixing
  • More proper phrasing & mix points
  • Music programming for both nightclub and mobile DJs
  • Troubleshooting equipment and software problems


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What Our Customers Think

“I saw a write-up in the Washington Post about Beat Refinery, and signed up for classes that day. I’ve had my turntables for a long time, but hadn’t really been able to do anything with them. I came into the class with low expectations – not for the content of the course, but for my ability to perform the material. I spoke with one of the instructors about my personal concerns with my ability to DJ and that I felt like I was fighting a losing battle. He told me that I am selling myself short, and he was absolutely right. I didn’t think I could do any of it until he broke down the basics for us, and it felt like a light bulb went off in my head. I knew I could do it. Before long I was able to beat-match, mix, baby scratch, determine how many bars were in a song’s intro, and how to drop in a track on cue. On the first day of class, they told us that what we’ll learn and be able to do in 6 weeks will be knowledge and skill that took them years to get. Coming up on the end of the class I believe them.”